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Goodbye, 2020!

Hello, friends. Like you, I’m quite happy to put 2020 behind me. I won’t lie. This year has been, shall we say…challenging…in a lot of ways. I have made it through the year better than I started it, and for … Continue reading

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Brienne of Tarth, Gwendoline Christie, and Me

I’ve been struggling with how to write all of this down for right on 2 months now. 2018 was a huge year for me in terms of fandom. I met not one, not two, but EIGHT of my online friends … Continue reading

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Excelsior! Thoughts on Stan Lee

Like many of my fellow nerds, I was absolutely devastated to hear of the passing of Stan Lee yesterday. I never had the pleasure of meeting Stan Lee, but a few of my friends did. By all accounts, he was … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween and Happy Reformation Day!

I’ve got a confession to make. I’m a Christian that loves Halloween.  Unabashedly. Unashamedly. I look for excuses to wear costumes, but Halloween seems to be one of the only times that it’s socially acceptable to walk around in costume … Continue reading

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In the Night, My Hope Lives On

Normally I post something fun, witty, and nerdy here on my blog. Today, I am simply too sad for that. My Grandma passed a week ago, a friend lost her Grandma two nights ago, another friend and mentor lost her … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day!

I find this quote from Captain America particularly moving on Independence Day. Celebrate your freedom and do not take it for granted.  

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A Smokin’ Hot Adoption Raffle!

I try pretty hard not to be a promotional kind of gal, but this is something I would be remiss not to mention. My friend Brian Rowley of Growley Pipes makes some of the most beautiful tobacco pipes I’ve ever … Continue reading

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On Lent

I was raised in the Southern Baptist church.  We didn’t do Lent.  That was a Catholic thing, or so I thought.  My first real introduction to Lent came my freshman year of college.  I ran into my buddy Laura walking … Continue reading

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Longing for Home

Today I am experiencing a deep longing.  Two weekends ago, I went on a writer’s retreat in Rockport, Massachusetts (blog post forthcoming) with my Hutchmoot pals, Jen and Chris. The retreat was excellent and was very helpful for me as … Continue reading

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