Writing Services

Ashley Thomas is a freelance writer, specializing in social media coordination and copywriting.  If social media is a hassle, or spending your day thinking of just the right quip for that new product on your site isn’t your cup of tea, Ashley can handle it for you, freeing you up to focus on serving your client base.

Perks of hiring Ashley to handle your social media:

  • Increased visibility across your chosen social media channels.
  • Clients who have chosen Ashley for their social media needs have seen an average of 94.4% increase* in their reach during their first month of service.
  • Complimentary consultation of your current social media platforms to assess areas for improvement for all prospective clients.

Perks of hiring Ashley to handle your copywriting:

  • Ashley’s sense of humor provides a feeling of whimsy while simultaneously putting your message forward in a clear, concise manner.
  • Ashley has the unique ability to pun on demand, great for those seeking to add a lighthearted feel to their sites.
  • Ashley isn’t just funny, but is capable of creating quality, serious copy.
  • An online portfolio of work is available upon request.

Perks of choosing Ashley to assist your business:

  • Services are tailored to fit your needs, allowing you to choose the services perfect for your business.
  • Open lines of communication via e-mail or phone call.
  • Ashley is a telecommuter, able to serve clients in all 50 states.

What satisfied clients have to say about Ashley:

Since Ashley has been managing my social media presence, my readership has gone up 10-fold, significantly increasing the activity on my Facebook business page and resulting in more clients. I have more time to dedicate to my customers, assuring they receive the best possible experience with the USANA products and The Healthy Edge program.  – Robin Thomas, Silver Director for USANA Health Sciences

If you’re interested in hiring Ashley or if you would like further information, use the contact form.  Please include your name, an e-mail address, and verification of your business.  Also include any pertinent information about your goals for social media, expectations for copywriting, budget, and for free social media consultation, kindly include links to all your social media pages.

Thank you!

*Figure calculated based on reach through Facebook.  This number is comprised of total page views, likes of posts, shares of posts, new page members, and check-ins.

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