Who Is The Nerdy Blogger?

Swinging With Spider-man!

Swinging With Spider-man!

Ashley Whitehead Thomas, The Nerdy Blogger, is a fun-loving gal who just happens to be one of the biggest nerds you”ll ever meet.  She has collected comic books since age 6, and has always aspired to be a superhero.  She enjoys sci-fi and fantasy in any format, which will likely be the topic of discussion in many a post.  Ashley is an aspiring Potter Pundit, so you will likely find many a post devoted to Harry Potter and other relevant literature.  For Ashley, faith, literature, music, film, and other forms of art are not to be compartmentalized, but are all lines intersecting at the same point.  Unpacking these compartments and seeing how they fit together is part of the journey.

Thanks for joining the journey.

The Nerdy Blogger

10 Responses to Who Is The Nerdy Blogger?

  1. Brian Cambra says:


    I was PhiliaFigulus…I’d love to read your thesis. Where’s it at? 😉



    • I had this site up at a different location last year and I did I series where I posted it up in parts. I plan on doing that here, too. I’ll post up the Intro sometime tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for your interest. I’d be glad to point you to some sources for yours, if I can.


      • Brian Cambra says:

        I’m always interested. I have tons. So far my works researched page is 3 pages long. but i won’t use all of those when i narrow it down to my topic.


  2. As a fellow Narnia-holic, I wanted to be sure you’d seen the new trailer for Dawn Treader. I think Dawn Treader may be my favorite of the books, so it’s important that they do this one well. They are doing better than the Wonderworks versions (except casting Tom Baker as Puddleglum, which was letter perfect, in my opinion) but I still haven’t forgiven them for their mishandling the dryads…sorry, I digress. The link: http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi1052378649/


    • I have seen it! I need to do a write-up of my thoughts on it here. I’m pretty impressed with the look of it. I do hope it’s good though. I wasn’t as impressed with their version of the Prince Caspian story.


  3. Neither was I…I realize that the novels are short enough that they have to add a bit here and there, but some of the choices that they took, with Peter leading a charge on Miraz’ castle without Aslan’s go ahead, and Caspian thinking about killing him while sleeping seemed a bit rash, and non-CS Like, if you know what I mean. Still and all, I think that Adamson really likes the books, so that’s a step ahead. Have you heard why he chose not to direct this third one?


  4. Interesting. I will have to look Apted up and find out some more about him. I’m very interested to see how this film will turn out.


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