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On Lent

I was raised in the Southern Baptist church.  We didn’t do Lent.  That was a Catholic thing, or so I thought.  My first real introduction to Lent came my freshman year of college.  I ran into my buddy Laura walking … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m on a podcast! | The Monsters at the End of This Podcast

Hello friends! I’m totally embarrassed that I’ve not told you all about the new podcast I’m co-hosting.  Let me explain how this new adventure got started. Maybe about a month or so before I quit my job, I was wrestling with the “what-to-do-if-I-quit” … Continue reading

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Rockport Write-Up: My Adventures at the Northern Shores Writer’s Retreat

Today’s post is my long awaited write-up on The Northern Shore’s Writer’s Retreat I attended in January.  I’ve found that in many cases, it takes me almost a month to truly process everything that happens in a retreat, so I … Continue reading

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