Conference Preparations: Hutchmoot 2011

Hello Nerdy Bloggers!

This is my first post as a newly wed, as well as my first post in many months!  As I write, my husband and I are preparing for the Hutchmoot 2011 conference in Nashville, TN.  Hutchmoot is a small gathering of around 100 participants to discuss art, music, literature, film, storytelling, and how these intersect with Christian faith.  It’s coordinated one of my favorite singer/songwriter/authors, Andrew Peterson, his brother and fellow author, A. S. “Pete” Peterson along with the staff of The Rabbit Room.  Last year was the first time the conference was held and after reading reviews of it, I must say that I was quite dismayed that I was unable to attend.  It seems like all the participants got something different out of the conference, so it is difficult to explain what exactly the conference will be like or what to expect.  Based on what I’ve been told, I am expecting the following:

  • To hear from God
  • To learn a great deal about writing (all the breakout sessions I’ve selected are on writing, literature and storytelling)
  • To enjoy fellowship with fellow believers who take their faith seriously and love God with their minds
  • To discover that I am not the nerdiest person on the block, or at least not the only one in the crowd.  🙂

I’m also very excited to finally meet my friend and fellow Harry Potter blogger, Travis Prinzi.  After reading his blog and listening to his podcast for the past 5 years or so, it’ll be fantastic to finally shake hands and say, “Hello!” face to face.

I plan on keeping a journal of the conference and will write up a summary of my experience there once I return.  Next week, I’ll also be blogging about the Harry Potter Conference I mentioned in my last entry.  We had to postpone the conference until Oct. 1st, but it was well worth it.  We have seen increased participation and will be hosting keynote speaker and Potter Pundit, Amy Sturgis.  I’ll write more about this, as well as give a sneak peak of my part of the religious studies discussion panel.  Really looking forward to it!

I would ask prayers for us as we prepare for the conference and for all those who are coordinating and participating.  I am looking forward to what is in store!


Nerdy Blogger

About The Nerdy Blogger

Ashley Thomas is The Nerdy Blogger. She holds a B. A. in English Literature from Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee (c/o 2007) and completed her M. A. in Literature and Language, concentrating in Imaginative Literature at Signum University in Summer 2017. Ashley blogs, reads, writes (for fun and for hire), and spends time with her husband, Ryan, and their two cat-monsters, Luna and Oliver. She and Ryan reside in Charlotte, North Carolina with a large quantity of board games, comic books, and polyhedral dice. She would like to be Brienne of Tarth, Leslie Knope, and Hermione Granger when she grows up.
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