A Nerdy Thesis For The Nerdy Bloggers

Good evening, Nerdy Bloggers!

I just had a delightful time sitting in on a livestream Potter Pundits segment!  For those of you who don’t know, the Potter Pundits is a segment of the Pottercast podcast.  The three pundits are Travis Prinzi, John Granger, and James Thomas.  Each of these guys has written a volume or two of Harry Potter scholarship that are always well worth your time to read.  Anyway, these three guys are brilliant and are great fun to hear converse.  Tonight’s topic was name etymology, which with Harry Potter is always a really great conversation.  During the livestream chat, the participants and I had got to talking about Harry Potter scholarship and I mentioned that I wrote my senior thesis for my B. A. on Harry Potter.  At the request of many, and as something I’d planned to do soon, I’ll be uploading my thesis in segments to share with you all.  I’ll be posting up the first segment in the morning.  Until then, have a great night!


Nerdy Blogger


About The Nerdy Blogger

Ashley Whitehead Thomas is The Nerdy Blogger. She holds a B. A. in English Literature from Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee and began her M. A. at Signum University in Spring 2013. Ashley blogs, reads, writes (for fun and for hire), and spends time with her husband, Ryan, and their two cat-monsters, Luna and Oliver.
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